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BTour Smart Devices Online and Offline Evaluation System

Simple evaluation system through SoT (Satisfaction of Things), kiosk and FingeRate (location-based application).

Global Services Global Services for Users throughout the world

With our International Advisors, we have global network to launch services in various cities around the world

Trustworthy User Experience and Evaluation System based on enterprise Blockchain

With immediate uploading data on blockchain, results of user experience and evaluation are trustable

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Consumer Satisfaction Metadata based on Blockchain Technology

GG56 Korea has launched the metaverse platform 'Signis FR'

Receive a rosary blessed by Pope Francis on the metaverse and get the chance to own NFT!

GG56 Korea (CEO Young-Gun Kim), a metaverse and blockchain specialized company, announced that it has officially launched 'SIGNIS FR', a metaverse platform which Catholic journalists and communicators from all around the world can enjoy it together online.

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Now available at:

2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress is Set to be World's First Catholic Event Held in Metaverse

By signing an MOA, GG56 Korea will provide technical support to construct a Metaverse platform for hosting of the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress (August 16 - 19, 2022), with the theme of "Peace in the Digital World."

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YBM makes an investment of 2 million dollars in GG56

GG56 Korea announced securing an investment of 2 million dollars (approximately 2.4 billion won) from YBM, the pioneer of foreign language education in Korea and official license holder of the ETS products in the Korean market.

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GG56, a South Korean company turns heads with an unusual decision to open the source code and intellectual property rights of its already developed mobile digital pass solution to the public free of charge for the greater good of humanity and to support the international cooperation to return to normal.

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Pass&Go is a mobile application that generates digital credentials (in the form of a QR code) to enable those that meet certain indicators, such as testing negative or possessing immunity, to fully re-engage in social and economic activities.

Pass&Go App will facilitate shifting the paradigm of public health intervention in managing outbreaks from restricting movement to supporting the day-to-day activities of those without viruses or with immunity.

GG56 Ltd. and Good Neighbors Global Impact Foundation signed a Memorandum of Agreement. Additionally, GG56 Ltd. donated 10.000 masks to less-favored households in Korea and other 10.000 masks to low-income families in Nepal.

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Introducing SoT (Satisfaction of Things) - A solution of BTour Chain

We welcome you to a new era of survey with our SoT solution - an IoT based satisfaction survey system of BTour Chain! SoT solution can easily check tourists' satisfaction level by applying simple signals presented by the tourists at tourist sites and relay the data in real-time through the app. This solution will significantly ease the survey process and make it not only fun but rewarding.

BTour Chain 101!

An interview of the founder Dr. Han and the co-founder & CEO Mr. Kim. Dr. Han and Mr. Kim talks about everything you need to know about BTour Chain!

BTour Chain is a platform of global tourism and ecosystem for tourists and tour element suppliers

With our platform, travellers will enjoy assistances for their travel ranging from flight & travel package bookings, Restaurants and accommodation, cross border remittance, currency exchange and many more.

We will shift the global tourism industry to a new paradigm using the blockchain technology and create a virtuous circle in the tour ecosystem.

Congratulatory remarks by former prime minister of South Korea, Han Seung-soo for Global Blockchain Leaders Summit which was held on Dec 17, 2019 at Coex, Seoul.

BTour Chain Products

  • FingeRate 2.0
  • SoT
  • Pass&Go
  • FingeRate 1.0

Metaverse FingeRate (MSoT) is an LBS based survey platform. Through FingeRate (MSoT) and virtual structures/terminals on the map (SoT), anyone can request to conduct real-time satisfaction surveys or public polls and every user who participate in surveys on FingeRate (MSoT) will receive rewards.

infographic of how SoT system works
What is Metaverse FingeRate:
  1. FingeRate (MSoT) is an LBS(location-based services) based survey/voting platform
  2. FingeRate (MSoT) offers real-time satisfaction ratings (service assessments)
  3. Approximately 1.2 million SoT's will be virtuality installed worldwide
  4. When users participate in surveys on FingeRate (MSoT), they will receive rewards
  5. Anyone can request to conduct a survey on FingeRate (MSoT)
  6. SoT will be sold in a best value tendering system, using NFT technology
Visit Official FingeRate 2.0 Website for more information

The Satisfaction of Things (SoT) is an IoT- based satisfaction survey system that can review recently visited places spots only with 5 fingers.

The result along with other data (i.e. number of visitors, weather) will be analyzed to generate big data. The SoT can help users as well as service providers to provide a better service.

infographic of how SoT system works

The FingeRate app is a satisfaction survey solution app that allows users to evaluate tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations, etc. within few touches using smartphone.

FingeRate is the online version of SoT which is used for rating a place/service and get mileages as reward. The place/serice reviewed data can be checked in real time.

screenshots of FingeRate app

Pass&Go is a mobile application that generates digital credentials (in the form of a QR code) to enable those that meet certain indicators, such as testing negative or being vaccinated, to fully re-engage in social and economic activities. Further, all sensitive information such as personal data, antigen/antibody test results, and immunization status are hashed (encrypted) and securely stored on blockchain.

infographic of how Pass&Go works

A simple 3-step process can be followed to receive your personal pass:

  1. The Pass&Go app can be downloaded on the Google Play or Apple App Store. Registration consists of filling out basic personal information and taking a picture of yourself holding valid ID next to your face.
  2. Take the PCL antigen/antibody test and upload the test result onto the Pass&Go app.
  3. Based on the test result, a unique QR code will be generated that allows entry to venues such as hotels, conferences, restaurants, and even countries

Pass&Go utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the security of all personal information and will facilitate shifting the paradigm of public health intervention in managing outbreaks.

Visit Official Pass&Go Website for more information


BTour Chain's native token MSOT (Previously BTOUR) Ethereum based ECR-20 upgradable token.
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Token Supply: 1.8billion (Previously 2.0 Billion, burnt 200million token)
Token Distribution:
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